10 Tea Bags/18g
with Rooibos tea, sage, peppermint, lemon verbena, lemon balm, fennel, anise, thyme,rosemary, rosemary leaves, lemongrass, Greek red saffron.
Warming Herbal Organic Tea with Saffron and Spices for the winter cold. We combine the flavor of sweet fruits with the scent of exotic spices. Brew a cup and get comfortable near your fireplace.
Product of organic farming, caffeine free, suitable for Homeopathic diet.
Launched in 2008 this organic Saffron tea line is the companys debut in the nutraceutical market.
It is also a worldwide innovation, as this is the first time, saffron is combined with various organic herbs to create a premium taste blends that help establish the precious spice as an essential everyday nutrient.

The Organic Herbal Tea with Greek Red Saffron was awarded with a golden star in the context of the British Great Taste Awards